Andi Rose

Andi Rose

Andi Rose

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Released: June 27, 2020
Runtime: 01:32:46


Put on your raincoats because today 23 year old, squirting phenomena Andi Rose stopped by the BlackAmbush hotel for her first sex on camera. Now of course she thinks she is here to fuck on the big screen with white boy director Jay and he meets her outside as she drives up. "Oh damn you're cute" he declares as self-proclaimed tomboy Andi emerges from her car. Now Andi may be a tomboy but there is nothing boyish about this girl's fine ass body, and I do mean FINE ASS. Andi likes to hike to stay in shape and confessed she has never been to gym before. Well whatever you're doing Andi keep it up cuz you have one of the nicest asses holding up a well defined swimmers "Dorito" wedged torso, attached to legs that were blown from glass. Damn girl you are fiiiiiinnnnnnnneeeeeeee. We can all see why your ass is your favorite body part and we agree it's fine. So we get our first look at this fine ass on Andi as she gets her hair and makeup done priming Jay and setting the ambush that she's here to work with him today. I need to mention that we are breaking today's update into two parts with the BTS, Interview and post shoot exit thoughts that include another fuck and cum in the shower a few days from now so watch for that bonus in a few days. Ok so after Andi is all dolled up Jay samples the goods on the couch and Andi has the first 3 orgasms of the dozens that that follow during today's EPIC fucking. And I do mean epic. This girl can fuck and after the couch Jay leads our unsuspecting Ambushee into the bedroom for a proper fucking. "Can you go into the bathroom and grab a towel?" asked Jay. Ambush time! "OH HELLO! Gasps Andi as she gets a look at Isiah and his BBC waiting for her. "I'm ok with that" she says with a big smile on her face. "Oh you see what you're about to play with" proclaimed Isiah as Andi touches his BBC and giggles with anticipation and she is no novice around a cock and can deep throat like a pro. "You going to brag about me to all your friends" Isiah says as he pounds and chokes her on the bathroom counter. This is hot shit and just the warm up to the squirting fiesta that takes place on the bed. "This is how good pussy's supposed to feel" as Andi squirts all over Isiah. This girl is special, so special in fact that Isiah had to go back for more in the shower after giving Andi dozens of squirting orgasms on the bathroom counter and bed. The only thing I can say is Isiah and Andi? We need a little more effort out of you two today lol. Get ready for the ride because Andi didn't think she was a size queen before today, But Isiah has converted another one to BBC! Enjoy.


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