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Released: May 2, 2020
Runtime: 01:30:30


Who's getting ambushed today? Well feast your eyes upon super sexy Latina, Puerto Rican and Dominican mixed Annette as our latest ambushee. I think we all need to take a trip South of the boarder or to the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean so we can all sample the fine ass girls down there don't you think? Just watch this and you'll come to the same conclusion that this sweet 18 year old is one of the sexiest girls to grace the Ambush bed sheets lately, and lets just say white boy director Jake is just her type. When asked what type of guys she usually dates we were surprised she said, "I have only dated white guys". "I've just never been into black guys". Well that's all about to change today honey as she gets 2 of the biggest cocks she's ever fucked in her one year of being legal pussy. Things start out sweet and innocently enough with a little afternoon stroll around the hotel with Jake so he can set the scene that she'll be working with him today. You can tell he's sooooooo into this sexy girl as he barely gets two questions out before he starts to maul this poor girl for Christ sake. Annette's never fooled around or had sex outside before and she's obviously nervous having Jake finger her tight pussy then deep throats her just outside the hotel room doors. What makes this hot, other than Annette, is that at any moment someone could walk out and catch them getting freaky. After sampling the goods on the balcony Jake suggests they go to a more private spot outside so they can get "more acquainted", and "more acquainted" they do get. This is where it gets really hot and Jake gets Annette super horny and turned on for some "white cock." But little does she know this is just a tease and the real fucking is coming back in the hotel room from BBC Isiah Maxwell. Now back in the room Jake just can't help himself and has to finger fuck this sweet piece to her first ever squirting before he directs her into the bathroom to shower off before the bedroom sex. AMBUSH TIME! "Oh my, I did not know" Annette yelps as Isiah emerges from a corner of the bathroom and startles her. "Oh my gosh! I like this," she declares with shock at how big his cock is and she nervously touches it as he moves in to kiss her. Annette likey I think and Isiah gets right to work throat fucking and filling her fuck box full on the counter. This is so hot. The rest of this outrageously hot scene takes place after Isiah carries Annette onto the bed were in his own words he declares, "I didn't want to stop fucking her" after he shot his load in her mouth. Prior to his climax he fucked our sweet amateur in every position possible and she declared a few time that she'd never been fucked like this before... EVER EVER! Nice compliment dear and I bet she'll look at the brothers a little differently now. This scene was hot as fuck and we really enjoyed how enthusiastic, easy going and sexual Annette was for her ambushing. She got the fucking of her life and I hope you enjoy fapping to it.


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