Hazel Heart

Hazel Heart

Hazel Heart

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Released: June 13, 2020
Runtime: 01:31:41


Sweetness alert! And I mean hot as fuck sweetness to be exact. Feast your nasty and perverted as fuck eyes on 18 year old Hazel Heart who was speechless when she walked into the bathroom and saw Isiah's BBC at full attention. Yes Hazel has fucked a black guy before. They say you never forget your first and Hazel remembers hers! Oh yeah, she lost her virginity a few years back to a brother, but in her own words "he didn't have a very big dick". Sorry man but the truth hurts sometimes but lucky for us, and Isiah, this newbie found out she loves Big, Big Black Cocks and Isiah has just the BBC for this job. So things start out innocently enough with white boy director Jay explaining that the male talent Hazel thought she was going to work with missed his flight and she would have to work again with him. Hazel's first sex on camera was the day before over at ExCoGi so go check it out. It's hot and just like her first scene this girl needs no priming and gets right out of her clothes faster than a person on fire, practically begging, no she does beg Jay to let her suck his cock again. "I just love the way a cock feels in my mouth." She giggles as Jay whips his cock out so Hazel can start the gobbling. Just like the commercial with the Pistachio elephant who said "those girls would do ANYTHING for nuts." This girl loves sex and smiles with a big YES to EVERYTHING Jay asks her to do when presented with his nuts. And I do MEAN EVERYTHING. So we get a good creepy view of the two love birds sexing it up on the patio through the window before cracker Jay suggests they head inside and suggests Hazel go to the bathroom to get a towel. Hello BBC SURPRISE and the largest cock this girl has ever seen. Oh yeah she was surprised and you couldn't chisel the smile off this girl's face as Isiah masterfully directs this inexperienced newbie the finer ways of sucking and fucking a BBC. Deep throat? Check. Ball sucking? Check. Fucking that little hairy pussy till she feel it in her chest? Check. This girl is eager and her beaver is wet for Isiah's stiff logs that's for sure. Next, Isiah then leads our ambushee to the bedroom and more unbelievable sex takes place as this girl gets the fucking of a lifetime breaking her all time orgasm record of 4 with today's performance and 5 big O's. The expressions on this girl's face as she takes that BBC and gets her ass licked for the first time are priceless and you know Isiah enjoyed himself because he rarely joins the girls afterwards for a post shower, but did today. I'm not doing this scene justice with this write up so you better sit back and enjoy the sweetest thing EVER, and I do mean EVER to get a BBC in a long time. Here is Hazel!


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