Age: 27

I Don’t Know If I Can Handle It

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Released: June 11, 2022
Runtime: 01:22:39


Ariel (Yes, named after the famous Mermaid) was another recommendation from our friends over at and this one did not disappoint. When she first walked through the door I immediately noticed two things, her vibrant red hair and her huge natural tits. This sweet, yet shy girl was under the impression that she was there to work with me, Rocky “The Director,” and of course this was not the case. So after getting to know Ariel a little better I handed her a magic wand to warm herself up with. It was her first time using this toy and it made her pussy instantly wet. I then asked her if she had ever squirted before. She hadn’t, so I decided to give it a shot and instantly she made a mess all over the couch and seemed to not really know what just happened. I told her everything was OK and messaged room service for more towels. The real message was sent to Javon Jordan, Mr. BBC himself and we were ready to give this sexy redhead the BIGGEST surprise of her life. The look on her face as he walked in was utter shock and confusion. She kept glancing over at his package wondering what he was about to pull out and what she may be in for and after he revealed his assets Ariel couldn’t keep her eyes off of it saying: “Oh… This is the biggest I think I’ve seen,” and little did she know Javon still wasn’t close to being 100% hard. Her hand barely fit around the girth of his cock as she awkwardly attempted to put it in her mouth. It’s just fucking hot as hell to witness pure innocence as a shy girl try’s to figure out what to do with a massive BBC. Next, it was time to see if Ariel could fit Javon in her tight pussy. She was a trooper and took him reverse cowgirl balls deep on the couch. This was just the introduction mind you as Javon pounded her repeatedly in the dining area and then the bedroom. With every repeated thrusting and position change you could see the combination of pain and pleasure on Ariel’s face. Her perfect tits bouncing as a massive BBC stretched her tight pussy to the max was truly a new experience for this timid redhead. Ariel stated in her interview she was submissive and we agree. She took everything we asked her to do and more until Jovan unloaded a massive creampie deep inside her. You now she loved it because she just laid there in a state of bliss rubbing her freshly used pussy as cum leaked out of her freshly used hole. When we asked her what she was thinking when she first saw her first BBC she replied, “I didn’t know if I could handle it.” Well for being only the 7th cock Ariel has ever taken her performance was quite impressive. She even asked for round two and stated she might just be a size queen now and another Fairy Tail BBC Surprise is in the books.


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