Age: 18

I Have A Gift For You

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Released: December 24, 2022
Runtime: 01:21:49


Merry Christmas Eve everyone and she’s back. Yep, this fresh as fuck 18 year old newbie thinks she’s here to do another ExCoGi scene with white cock director Rocky because she had such a super bang up time for her first two scenes with us. Well, was she ‘In Over Her head’ for her debut on Rick’s You’ll just have to watch for yourself if you haven’t already and Chloe for sure thought ‘My Boyfriend’s Not Going To Find Out, Sorry Babe LOL!’ when she took Tyler Nixon’s stiffy over at But he did find out and that’s exactly what Rocky asked of our ambushee as he touched and felt her up in the Living room to start today’s festivities. “Yea he was mad. I mean really mad, but I don’t care,” and spoken like a true loving girlfriend who thinks more about her physical pleasure and mental well being than her devoted De Facto cuck of a boyfriend back home we suppose. Hey I’m not judging here, just reporting the facts and I’m sure Chloe will make a great wife to a myriad of unsuspecting different men throughout her lifetime my prediction. Well only time will tell what lies are ahead for this college freshman beauty, but we all know what lies ahead for our sexy teen today which is Isiah Maxwell and his monster BBC man meat of a surprise, and Rocky and company do an excellent job of setting the scene to make Chloe think she’s going to squirt first off out on the living room couch. But wait Chloe; we need a towel for the impending mess and she proceeds to stimulate her self with the magic wand after Rocky places a towel down until she has the first of three Orgasms of the day (10:27). Next she’s led to the back bedroom for what Rocky explains is where he’ll really make her squirt, really, and instructs her to get another towel from the shower and SURPRISE! Isiah and his meat cleaver make their entrances and Chloe is quite impressed. “I have something for you,” he states and Chloe responds. “I like it,” said with a big smile as she uncontrollably continues to glance down at his massive erect cock. “Do you like sucking dick?,” Isiah asks. “I do,” responds Chloe and Isiah begins his domination over this overwhelmed newbie by shoving his cock all the way down her throat. I think she almost threw up a few times at (13:23) & again at (14:42) and ok. Maybe she is in over her head a little bit but hey, once the roller coaster leaves and starts honey, there’s no getting off or turning around. You’re on this BBC coaster ride until completion baby and I really don’t think she minded too much either because he then placed her on the vanity top and slid it in (16:18), making that tight pussy fill with juicy girl cream before lifting her up and fucking her silly in standing position (19:06). Did he bend her over and fuck her pussy raw before taking her into the bedroom you ask? Sure did and she had her second Orgasm of the day at (22:12). So let me ask you, if Chloe’s boyfriend didn’t like seeing his true love taking a cock up her holes on Rick’s casting couch, or on the ExCoGi bed. Then I’m pretty fucking sure he wont like seeing her take the biggest cock she’s ever seen or had down her throat and/or up her holes for a third Orgasm of the day in cowgirl (35:55) and I’m not sure what it is. Does this teen not get enough at home from said boyfriend? Or maybe it’s just the fact that he can’t keep up with her sexual needs and demands, forcing her to seek the touch of others and their attention. Well whatever the reasons, they were fulfilled today and all you creampie lovers can rejoice because Isiah filled that tight teen snatch with his black man seed forcing little Chloe to take extra precautions with a Plan B that she took on camera Post-Shoot confessional. Love that, because no one wants any set babies. So enjoy unwrapping your gifts tomorrow morning everyone and until then this gift is from us to you. Cheers and safe travels to all, Steve