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Released: June 29, 2019
Runtime: 01:31:21


Prepare for one of the most epic and enthusiastic scenes ever on Black Ambush! Asian-American goddess Mia is personified sex on long legs, with a beautiful face, and a perfect, tight body, and pussy and ass to match. Her boyfriend should and probably is very proud of his princess, but princess didn't tell him that she's about to fuck a stranger on camera today. Naughty, naughty cheater Mia!
Right off the bat there is definite chemistry between our white camera guy Troy and Mia. After taking photos and getting naked (OMG! Perfection!) our beautiful Filipina lets Troy finger her ass and pussy, and he can't believe how tight she is. When she says "it'll also probably be the BEST one you'll ever have", Troy can't resist the temptation to taste her and put a toy in her tiny ass. Everything is so pretty and petite about Mia, but her sexual appetite and attitude are absolutely enormous. The sexual tension between the two is palpable and the flirting and teasing would indicate exactly what's going to happen next, if this were any other site. But things aren't going to continue the way Mia thinks... Now naked and gorgeous, Mia masturbates with a vibrator when all of a sudden our big black stud Jovan walks in on her. WTF? Mia is rattled, sure, but she's also a closet nympho. Turned on by playing with Troy, and the sexual excitement about doing her first porn scene is trumped only by the fact that she's never had a black man before, and Mia is a curious girl. Troy gives her a chance to kill the scene and go home. But Mia is more than happy to see what hides behind big Jovan's pants. You know what, at this point this description could go on for another 10 pages. Because what follows now is so much enthusiastic, energetic, and real, awesome sex, that it should gets its blow-by-blow (hehe) account. But we just don't have the space. Let's just say that there isn't a dull moment in this 90+ minute long sex fest with Mia.

Her blowjob, and cowgirl and reverse cowgirl on the couch alone might be enough to empty your tissue box. And that's just the warm-up, things get even more epic once our Asian babe and her black lover take things to the bed. Un-fucking-believably hot.

If you can't imagine watching our petite Asian fitting that enormous black cock in her little mouth and tiny pussy, and taking it over and over and over again until she cums, just go ahead and click that download button and watch it. If you have the space and processing power, we highly recommend that 1080p HD version. It's absolutely glorious.

We just want to say that Mia sucks, fuck, and takes the cum like a true pornstar, even though this is her first scene ever. A girl who loves and handles cock - especially a big one like Jovan's - the way Mia does, absolutely MUST become a pornstar. Seriously, this girl is born to fuck on camera. As Jovan and Troy say, Mia is their new all-time favorite. And that alone should tell you everything you need to know about how awesome this Asian babe is.


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