River Lynn

River Lynn

Age: 20

River Lynn

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Released: July 10, 2021
Runtime: 01:19:50


“You see that? That’s cornbread and palates there. I’m going to fuck that and right there’s were my dick is going to be. I’m going to fuck that,” states ISIAH the stud to the MAX as he gazes in awe of today’s ambushee. WELL put. Very WELL put my man. I kind of wish I was putting my dick right in there as well because River Lynn is one fine piece of ass and I’m sure as fuck thinking everyone watching this is wishing the same. So you guessed it and River is fresh off her first ever sex on camera over at ExCoGi just a few days before and Jake is way excited to get his hands on this fresh piece of meat. So Jake the “Director” instructs River, who’s hot as fuck by the way, to take her clothes off and like all newbies to the ambush condo does as instructed willingly so Mas fingering and Mas phalacio can take place immediately. Of course the Magic Wand makes an appearance as well before River finds Jake’s thick cock in her mouth for a nice sloppy blowjob. I’m not sure exactly how Jake keeps it together and doesn’t blow his load all over, or in, this goddess' mouth because River knows how to such cock. Wars have been started over pieces of ass this good and a girl this perfect could drive a man to cheat. So anyways, Jake gets his sloppy goddess blowjob and tells River he can’t wait any longer and they retreat to the bedroom for what River thinks is round 2 of more white boy fucking. But today it’s a surprise and as Tony Montana would almost say, “Say HELLO to my MASSIVE FRIEND!” as she enters the bedroom. “Is this for me?” River giggles and you can tell this girl's been dreaming of BBC and needs black cock badly. [foot note: River’s never had sex with a black guy before and we’re all about firsts here]. So in closing let me state the obvious. This is one hot as fuck scene that doesn’t disappoint, and for all you fans who have been asking for creampies? We’ve heard your calls and I think Isiah stated it best when finishing up, as well as finishing off this fine piece of ass. “The only way to leave IT is to BREED it,” and I have to agree with my man Isiah as he deposits his massive load of black seed into that perfectly pink pussy. Who could resist that right? So get ready everybody and enjoy River’s second sex and first BBC EVER. This is sure to be a top rated scene. Steve


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