Age: 19

Sent Back To College BBC Used

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Released: November 12, 2022
Runtime: 01:19:47


Today we have returning hopeless romantic Juliette, who left her Romeo back at the college dorm room so she can suck and fuck a few stranger's cocks and earn a little extra spending money and this college coed’s ready to get her pussy used and abused by who she thinks is the “Director” of today’s scene, Rocky. Now on this little Summer get away to Arizona this first timer did the cock rounds and kicked things off for her anal audition debuting over on the world famous BackroomCastingCouch.com leather sofa. Go check it out if you haven’t because it’s a good one and now she thinks she’s here to shoot her ExCoGi scene and this couldn’t have been planned any better because our BBC black stallion Isiah Maxwell is hiding in the bathroom for her massive surprise and it’s this girl's first black cock ever. It’s also the biggest cock she’s ever seen but you wouldn’t know it the way she played hide the kielbasa once Isiah introduced her to what a real cock looks like. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves a little because Rocky first has to sweet talk our lovely coed into getting naked on the couch for some hot as fuck pussy play, accompanied by the first of many orgasms today and that really seemed to get this youngin’s vaginal juices flowing. It didn’t take much either because all young 19-year-old hotties like Juliette wake up and or go to bed wet it seems. It’s what college is for really and Juliette explains she has to beat the boys off with a stick or her hand, and everyone I think will agree a hand job is better. So as Juliette spreads her pink and moist little pussy in anticipation of some white dick, so to does Isiah anticipate what awaits. Like a vampire in silence waiting for his assistant to deliver some unsuspecting white- fleshed treat to be devoured, Isiah eagerly anticipates what naïve and fresh goodies will be delivered his way. Well today he devoured Juliette and began throat fucking her to test out what limits were on the table and not many presented themselves. So with no red lights present, Isiah went to town on this poor girl's slit in the bathroom like a wolf tearing apart a carcass, and she loved it. Sorry Romeo back in the dorm but your Juliette likes big black cock now. I think she’s even addicted because she described it afterward on the bed with a face full of Isiah’s man seed dripping off her chin, and I’m paraphrasing a bit. “If any of you girls are thinking about fucking a black guy? Definitely do it,” and we couldn’t agree more because this scene scorched the bed sheets and the saying was never more true. Once You Go Black, You’ll Never Go Back to 10-minute white frat boy dick again. So enjoy Juliette’s first ever black cock because she most certainly did and we think her boyfriend most certainly wont enjoy watching it. Steve


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