Age: 20

She’s Going To Feel Every Inch Today

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Released: January 21, 2023
Runtime: 01:18:56


Maria’s back and this tall blonde super cutie’s sporting glass blown slender legs that stretch all the way from the fucking floor up to that tight white ass of hers, which just happens to sandwich between her tight checks the prettiest little pussy that loves to get creampied. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer but that inviting tight cherry pie got it’s cream over at / earlier that’s titled ‘This is a Plan B so We Don’t Have to Resort to Plan C,’ and you’ll have to go there to see the filling ozzing out that Cam deposited. Ironically she confessed after our black stallion Isiah Maxwell splattered that pretty face of hers with his man seed that she prefers creampies because, “It makes me cum’ she explained and we’re sorry girl. Because if you want to make it in the Jizz Biz you’ll have to get over that and take facials with a smile . . . And LIKE IT! I will however say it is hot to see a girl take cum on her face when she doesn’t like it. Guys are perverts aren’t we? Anyways she’s here now and thinks she’s back to do another ExCoGi scene with white cock director Rocky who ensnares our little unsuspecting moth like a spider into its web, and what better way to get a girl spread eagle, butt ass naked, and begging you to stick your fingers up her holes than this one little word . . . Squirting, and Rocky’s the squirting whisperer, and when she went to the bathroom to get a towel . . . SURPRISE!!!! It’s Isiah armed with his massive black bazooka fully cocked and loaded, outstretched and aimed right at our damsel in distresses; and as Tony Montana would say during his classic Scarface cocaine-drenched iconic or oft-quoted macho last stand, ‘SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!!!’ Spoiler alert! She says hello and more everyone as Isiah shoved his thick cock down her throat at (13:44). Tears of joy, that’s what dripped down her pale white cheeks from blood shot eyes and this submissive loves to be manhandled. Get ready to go to your subspace dear. Well you came to the right place because Face Fucking is only the first course before Isiah bends you over the vanity to see if his little friend fits . . . and it does. Next it’s the only new position of the day for our Maria In Wonderland as she’s brought to the first of 6 orgasms in Standing Position (20:35), followed almost immediately by her second O at (22:38) before the action moves to the bedroom. There’s Missionary and orgasm number 3 at (27:50), Doggy (34:52), Lazy Doggy (42:10), more Blowjob where Isiah plays hide the kielbasa as Maria’s legs and feet flutter about at (46:26). Her 4th and very intense orgasm occurs in Cowgirl (54:14) while Isiah most gentlemanly chokes our lovely and this girl’s in sub heaven. But the fun and orgasms don’t stop there. Nope! And as Maria rides that stiff thick black cock she has Orgasm number 5 at (55:45) and number 6 at (56:37). Hey Mikey! I think she likes it and the Facial festivities explode at (1:07:21). So sit back and get your lube and tissues boys because Maria’s first black cock was epic. Cheers and safe travels to all, Steve