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Released: April 28, 2018
Runtime: 03:27:02


Any woman that makes hardened porn pro Jovan Jordan cum early must be very, very special. Desiree was a computer programmer for most of her adult life (yes, really), but having sex and cumming on camera just sounds a lot more fun. Our super hot geek is nervous and it shows, but she's also excited to do her first big porn shoot (she's done some solo vid stuff before). White guy Troy takes photos and tickles all the juicy personal tidbits out of Desiree, including the fact that she has a boyfriend, a cuck of sorts who is both super jealous but also turned on by the thought that Desiree is fucking another guy today. What neither her boyfriend nor Desiree know though, is that instead of a regular "boy-girl" porn scene with the white camera guy, our leggy hottie will be fucking a gigantic black man today. And she won't find out until after Troy finds her G-spot and gets her hot and bothered, and stops juuuuust before she's having an orgasm, when he suddenly pulls out, makes Desiree lick off her own pussy juice, and then tells her that today she will be doing an Interracial scene. Hints about her partner's cock size both excite and terrify her. Enter black cock god Jovan Jordan a few minutes later. Desiree is visibly nervous about the prospect of having sex with this behemoth of a man, but she is open minded and horny enough to give it a shot. Jovan goes in for the kill and starts kissing Desiree's tits and starts eating her out on the couch. This is enough to get Desiree's juices going and we move things over to the bedroom. What happens from then on is something for the porn halls of fame. Our hot nerd Desiree turns out to be one of THE most voracious and cock-loving ladies we've ever had on Black Ambush...or ever seen in a porn movie, really. Her mouth and pussy are so incredible, even hardened sex-haver Jovan can't hold back much longer (just watch him sit up and look at her like "WTF are you doing to me??!" when she rides him!) and so camera man Troy allows him to cum inside Desiree's pussy early. A huge creampie flows back out of a very excited Desiree, which we make her slurp back up. Yum! Jovan can't believe that he could not keep himself from cumming early. This hasn't happened in 6 years he has been fucking girls on camera professionally! He praises Desiree's blowjob skills, the way she looks at him when she sucks and fucks him, and her magic pussy. Of course we're not done, though, and now Jovan is determined to give us the energetic, stamina-filled fuck performance we've come to expect from him. And boy does the man deliver! After a brief recess, Jovan is back fucking the hell out of Desiree, who is bucking and fucking and enjoying his huge black cock every which way possible. She rides and grinds and moans and cums, only interrupted by more cock sucking and deep-throating that deserves a goddamn AVN award. Seriously, the boys can't believe how enthusiastic for that big black dick Desiree is - and neither can she. "You fuck me better than my boyfriend", Desiree confesses during one of the many high points of her and Jovan's fuck session. When her ebony lord finally unloads his cum on her gorgeous face (which she proceeds to lick up), we remind her that she said her boyfriend would most likely see her video. She realizes this may not be a good idea now (you'll know why when you watch her video in full...) but unfortunately, that's out of our hands. And Desiree doesn't really seem to be too concerned now anyway - that big black cock did a number on her and it's possible she'll be addicted to enormous black dick like that forever. Desiree's incredible ambush video is over 100 minutes long, and she is enthusiastic, hot, fun, and super sexy in every single one of them. Enjoy this interracial fuck fest and the 2 cum shots from Jovan, and Desiree's many orgasms!


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