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Released: August 4, 2018
Runtime: 02:39:52


You know an update is good when you're fapping so much while editing it, you're not sure you're gonna hit the deadline. Such is the case with busty blonde Emily. Luckily there isn't much to edit with a beauty like Emily. I do take out my voice during sex scenes whenever I have to give direction. Nobody likes some off-screen male dude talking during sex. There's no need to point out how goddamn hot this girl is, you see this for yourself. So just a few quick notes: Emily is very nervous when I (Troy, white camera dude, director, host, whatever you want to call me) pick her up from the airport. Today is going to be her very first porn scene, and depending on how that goes, she may or may not continue doing more porn. I'm determined to make this the smoothest, funnest, most orgasmic day possible for her, and my big dark secret weapon will help make that happen. She just doesn't know about that part yet. To help her relax, we take some pretty-girl pics by the hotel pool and chill in the sun. Taking nice still photos always helps girls get in the mood.(You can see the pics on our Twitter) . Once back inside, Emily discusses her sexual history and preferences, and we really get to enjoy her fun attitude. Emily is a stripper - she doesn't use euphemism like "dancer" because she says "I take off my clothes for money - I'm a stripper". This right there tells you Emily is the down-to-earth and honest kind. She continues her frank and open (hehe) attitude throughout the entire interview. We like that. Emily admits to being turned on by rough sex, being choked, and being called a "slut". Honestly, I don't coach these girls to say that, so many of them really are into that. I never know until they actually show up, relax, and talk to me. It's become so common that I already guessed it in Emily's case. She thinks I'm a mind reader. But in fact I've just had enough girls to know that "rough sex" is the new black. Ha! At that point our busty goddess still has no clue that she will not be having sex with the white guy she's been flirting with, though I certainly would love to ravage our busty lovely right then and there. She won't find out until she has a vibrator in her pussy, trying to cum for the first time on camera, and I text her actual male talent. Wait, what? A few moments later we hear a knock, a nervous Emily opens the door, and in walks our tall black lord of cock Jovan. He's like 2 heads taller than she is and immediately smitten with her incredible tits and gorgeous face. After an awkward "hey this is the guy you'll be fucking today, oh and good luck, try not to get split in half"-type moment, Emily agrees to continue her porn scene despite the ummm....big surprise. She knows it's a make it or break it moment for her possible porn career. We tell Jovan that Emily loves being called names and manhandled. That's all our stud needs to take charge and make sure Em's porn debut will be one to remember - for her AND us. Visibly turned on by Jovan's alpha male dominance, Emily starts to become putty in his hands. She can barely fit his gigantic black cock in her mouth but she keeps working on it until she gets it all in. She needs both hands and almost unhinges her jaw in order to fix our big boy in her mouth. Jovan takes her doggy style on the couch, slaps her ass the way she loves it, and it's very clear Emily has never had a big dick like that inside her. They continue to fuck like 2 crazed nymphos in the living room, and then take it to the bed where the sex antics continue. Emily looks so hot being taken by Jovan, with her face in ecstasy and her big tits bouncing and swaying with every thrust, it's clear that Emily has already decided to be doing more porn in the future. This is definitely what she needs to be doing with her life at this point. Absolutely scorching! Emily is so hyped up and turned on by Jovan's cock magic that she agrees to anal. We can practically hear the angels sing when she says that. After a lot of stretching, however, we can barely get that butt plug inside her before she taps out. If Jovan's cock was almost too big for her pussy to fit, then anal is definitely not going to happen. Oh well, we tried. Emily and Jovan finish their fuck session with a few more positions before our black lord cums inside our blonde beauty. We split screen Emily's face and her pussy getting fucked and inseminated by Jovan, and we're pretty sure this hotness deserves an AVN award or something. Emily pushes out some of Jovan's cum and of course we make her eat the creampie before letting her relax on the bed and enjoy her triumphant entrance into the porn world. Jovan gives Emily highest marks and vice versa. The sheer energy, love for sex, and Emily's incredible looks make today's update a shoo-in for Most Favorited Scene so far this year. (You know you have a Favorites folder in your Black Ambush account, right?).


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