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Released: February 4, 2017
Runtime: 01:48:10


Ok we're fibbing here a bit with the main pic. Jasmine isn't REALLY about to cry because she has to fuck a black man with a gigantic cock. She's about to cry because she's told she needs to let that big black man with the gigantic cock fuck her in the ass. Okay, also not really true. Yes, we do challenge her to let JD fuck her in her tiny ass. But she agrees willingly because she's all about "challenging herself sexually". We promised porn first-timer Jasmine a nice first shoot - fancy studio, makeup artist, soft lighting, the works. But we give her a last minute call and have her drive to the parking lot of just about the shadiest motel in town instead. Wish we had the camera rolling when she got out of the car, her face was priceless. Gorgeous girl though so we're happy she didn't hoof it right back home. Once she gets over the fact that instead of all the nice glam porn crap, she'll be doing her first porn scene in a shady hotel, surrounded by cheap lights and camcorders you can pick up for a song at any Target, we start rolling. Jasmine is gorgeous and we don't want to waste too much time. We learn about her heritage and sexual preferences and that she wants to get into porn to push her boundaries and grow sexually. She's hyped up for her first scene she'll be doing in a moment. But then we tell her that instead of interviewer Troy, someone ELSE will be her fuck partner for her scene today. Another little shock, but Jasmine rolls with the punches. While Troy steps outside to pick up JD, Jasmine does little cute stripper moves on the bed, snaps her fingers, and just generally gets herself excited for her very first porn shoot. She's giddy, but for how long? We never know what happens when we have JD walk in, a gigantic black man with the largest cock in the Southwest. In Jasmine's case, it's all good news. In fact, while she is indeed very surprised when we introduce her to JD instead of the white stud she expected, Jasmine isn't exactly turned off. She wanted to push her boundaries, so there ya go Jasmine - black man with a huge dick. Considering everything she lets the JD do to her, she wasn't lying about that boundaries thing. There's no negativity when JD sits down next to her. Yes, she's taken aback a bit at first. But she clearly is intrigued. And out of that intrigue spawns an almost unbelievable enthusiasm for that black cock. At one point, while our black cock god fucks Jasmine doggy-style, she BEGS him to pull her hair in a submissive, lusting voice that makes JD and Troy almost lose it right there. JD does as requested. It's amazing how much she's into it. Incredibly, after all that amazing sucking and fucking and rough sex, tiny Jasmine even agrees to anal! It's brutal, it's merciless, she sweats and pants and can barely take his huge cock in her ass - but she fights through it. She is rewarded with getting fucked and choked to orgasm, and an ambush creampie. Jasmine is probably one of the sweetest, most open minded girls we've had so far (except that insane one with the shaved head. But that one's fucking nuts, where Jasmine is totally down to earth and level headed). Frankly, Jasmine would be girlfriend material. JD agrees and asks for her phone number - and she gives it to him! Jasmine just doesn't care if you're black, white, yellow, or green. All that matters is that you fuck her hard and push her boundaries.


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