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Released: June 9, 2018
Runtime: 02:20:54


Laiken is cheating on her boyfriend today, with a humongous black cock, no less - except even SHE doesn't know that yet. Beautiful, petite Laiken believes that our white camera guy is the one who'll do the deed with her. He leads her on well, too, as usual. Troy interviews her, gets her out of those super sexy yoga pants, has her masturbate with a big toy, and draws all the juicy personal details out of her. Turns out that Laiken attends nursing college because she likes to take care of people. College is expensive though so porn might be the answer to help pay for it. She also likes rough sex, being slapped and choked during sex, stuff her limp boyfriend apparently isn't giving her. Laiken outwardly doesn't SEEM to be into the pornstar thing. She has never done cams, never stripped, never done a sex movie before. But here she is, naked and gorgeous, with a dildo in her pussy, expecting that white boy to make a move, when suddenly there's a loud knock on the door. You can see the panic in her eyes as she quickly takes out the sex toy and clamps up, wondering why on earth the camera man would open the door to this stranger when clearly she's about to shoot her first movie now. When she sees 6-foot 6-inch giant Jovan walk in, reality sinks in - today is going to be very different than what she had planned.. Jovan takes his seat next to a naked, frightened but also excited Laiken who now is told that this tall black man next to her is going to be having sex with her today. It's her first porn, first black man, and as she will find out soon enough, her first monster cock. How will our pretty newbie handle it all? Quite well, actually. Jovan is informed that his petite plaything for today likes it rough and he wastes no time taking charge. First, some pussy as appetizer! Jovan licks her honey pot to get Laiken warmed up and relaxed. She gets fully naked and we compare heights and sizes and move things to the bedroom. When Laiken unpacks her dark lover, she realizes that Jovan's cock is practically as wide as her forearms. But instead of running out of the room in tears, Laiken is up for the challenge and immediately gets in position to see how much of that big dick she can take in her mouth. One lick is all it takes for Laiken to fall in love with that big black cock and she enthusiastically lets Mr Jordan manhandle her every which way he pleases - which incidentally is what gets Laiken off too. Lots of blowjobs, deep-throating, hard-fuck in every position (she actually taps out with her safeword durig one of them - can you guess which one?), and after being choked and fucked and gagged like never before, Laiken blurts out that this huge black man is fucking her better than her boyfriend ever did. After the Dark Lord fills her womb with his semen, we make her eat that creampie, which she does with gusto. What a girl! She confesses that she had 3 orgasms - watch and see if you can spot where she has them. Despite having a boyfriend at home, Laiken plans on doing more porn in the future, that's how much she enjoyed today's fuck session. Let's hope there are more big black cocks in her life going forward. Clearly the boy she's keeping at home right now just doesn't measure up.


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