AKA: Kyler Quinn


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Released: October 27, 2018
Runtime: 02:02:14


I really love rough sex but most guys are afraid they'd hurt me, petite and soft-spoken Lynn tells me when we go over her sexual history and preferences. Somehow I don't think that's gonna be an issue today. What WILL probably be an issue is how my man JJ's huge black cock is going to fit in that tiny white vagina. Not that I'm telling Lynn that, who still thinks I'm the dude she's going to be banging in her first porn video. Why porn? Lynn wants to become a vet one day, and school is very expensive. Plus, it sounds fun. She's the silent but kinky type and you can tell there's just something about this one that begs to be let out of the bag for the world to see. Before I sick the black cock lord at her though, we take some pics and have her masturbate (with my assistance, since she apparently has never used a fucking vibrator before). She doesn't find out that I'm not actually the guy she'll be having sex with. When Jovan comes in, we can tell a little bit of Lynn's world explodes. There are shimmers of excitement and fear on her face as she meagerly extends her tiny hands out to greet Mr Jordan, who's about ten feet taller than her. Let's put Lynn's claim of enjoying rough and kinky sex to the test right away. After recovering from the shock of seeing Jovan's massive black trouser snake for the first time (about the size of her forearm. Literally), we make her get down in the "luggage cage" (trolley? What's the word for this thing?) and suck his rod to the best of her abilities. It looks like her jaw is going to come unhinged at any moment but tiny Lynn does her best to suck and please the mighty black dick. Jovan then makes her get up and take his massive rod from behind, all while still being confined in the cage. Hey, I like fancy visuals like that, get over it. Anyway, after almost splitting her tiny body apart with his huge black cock, Jovan takes her to the bed where the fun begins in earnest... Lynn is far smaller and skinnier than she looked in her pics and at times it looks like she's going to split in half by Jovan's big cock. We can see her go from pleasure to some pain and back to ecstasy thanks to the dark lord's ability to read her body language, take control, and use his big cock properly. I barely manage to squeeze an anal bead toy in her ass so it's no surprise that she declines our invitations to get assfucked. She does't have the option to decline being inseminated though: when Jovan announces that he is about to cum inside her pussy, Lynn begs him not to cum inside her. He shoots his load inside her anyway, which seems to both horrify and turn on our pretty porn first-timer. As so many times before, Lynn is not on birth control, much to everyone's chagrin. She's starting to panic a little, so after teasing her about it for a while I tell her I'll give her a morning-after pill but deduct it from her pay. Hey, girl's gotta be prepared for dudes cumming inside them on a porn set, right? She reluctantly agrees and gulps down the emergency contraceptive on camera. We shot Lynn's scene - her first porn scene ever - several months ago. By now she's gotten herself a pornstar name and probably has a Twitter (follow us, we probably do a shoutout to her by the time you read this). Let's hope she has learned her lesson about not being on birth control in the jizz biz.


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