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Released: October 13, 2018
Runtime: 02:06:08


19 year old Anal Angel. That's sweet blonde teen Natalie's tag when she does one of her live cam shows, which she recently started doing. That's because our tall beauty likes to put dildos in her butt and cum like that. Very, very hot. What's hotter though is to see her take a big black cock in her tiny white ass. Luckily for us and all of mankind, this is going to happen today - she just doesn't know it yet. I like Natalie immediately when I pick her up from home. She's bubbly, sweet, thigh gap like a Japanese Anime character, is a little nervous about her first real porn shoot, and she really looks like the kind of barely legal teen who shouldn't be talking about putting stuff in her butt, but does it anyway. I laugh inside when she tells me she only dates guys who look like they could be her brother - blonde, blue-eyed white boys. If she only knew who is already waiting for her back at the hotel, stroking his massive black cock...Speaking of, sweet Natalie isn't exactly pleased when we drive up to the shoot location, which we generously call a hotel but really, it's a shitty modified motel built 50 years ago, with dodgy characters in the parking lot and security doors in the lobby. Natalie expected her first porn shoot to be one of those fancy pretty-girl affairs, with a studio, professional makeup and lighting and all that stuff. We stop at my room's door and that's where I tell her that there is a surprise waiting for her inside. She already committed herself to going through with this shoot so she has little choice but to either bail and not get paid, or see what or who is waiting on the other side of that door... We walk in and Natalie sees a huge naked black man on the bed, stroking his dick. The look Natalie gives me is priceless. This is a make-it-or-break-it moment but spoiler alert - Natalie is indeed as open minded and sexually curious as she claimed. I have her sit down, fully clothed, next to our black stud Jovan. She can't get her eyes off his massive black dick. After letting her mind digest the situation, we allow her to show us what her teen mouth can do with such a big dick. And wow, Jovan immediately realizes this young blonde white girl is an amazing little cock sucker for her age! We could go on and on about everything that happens next but space is limited. The highlight for many of you will probably be the anal. We take Natalie up on her claim that she loves anal play. She's nervous about taking Jovan's massive black cock in her ass, but she's willing to try. I prep her tiny butt hole with toys and lube as she's sucking Jovan's cock rock hard. When she tells us she is ready to try and take the big boy in her butt, we're thrilled. Natalie struggles a bit at first. Jovan's cock is by far the biggest "thing" she's ever had in her ass. At only 19, even those toys she's played with just are no match for our stud's manhood. But with enough effort, patience, and lube, Natalie manages to take him all in (don't miss the split screen!). Anal turns into painal which turns into anal joy. Natalie lets Jovan fuck her petite ass in 3 different positions (and even does ass to mouth!) before letting him pop his semen over her face, which we make her scoop up and eat as we do the exit interview. Natalie took that extreme anal like a pro, and we certainly hope she's going to do more porn shoots in the future. She certainly has the personality, looks, and can-do attitude to make it big. And any girl who can take Jovan's big black cock in her ass deserves all the fans and followers in the world. Enjoy!


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