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Released: April 27, 2019
Runtime: 01:12:29


20 year old first-timer Remy has gorgeous blue eyes, a very healthy sexual appetite, and wants to take the porn world by storm. The "pretty girl" picture session she probably fantasises about ain't happening today, neither are most of the other things newcomers expect. Like a makeup artist. Or time to change outfits. No, instead white camera guy Troy just tells Remy to keep an open mind and that she needs to be able to swing with the punches in this business. Showing her great pierced titties in the car and flashing him her ass as they walk in to the hotel building, while a hot turn-on, isn't, unfortunately for Remy, the pinnacle of daring-do today. No, that part is when they go straight from the car to the hotel room - and a huge naked black man is already waiting for her on the bed, stroking his BBC. Troy captures the moment on his phone and for a moment there we don't know if Remy is just gonna bail. To get her comfortable, after a bit of mutual introduction, Troy invites Remy to just have a taste of Jovan's big black cock. Remy even gets to keep her clothes on so if she decides later she still wants to leave, she can easily do so. Plus Troy and Jovan like the CFNM stuff, so that's probably another reason. It doesn't take long for Jovan's cock to reach hardness level 10 with cute newbie Remy sucking him. His smooth talking and manly presence puts Remy at ease and we're happy to see that she's willing to stay. So today not only will Remy do her very first porn scene, it'll also be her first time with a black man. Once naked and comfortable with everything, Remy is eager to please her big black man but she's also eager to get fucked hard by him. Jovan is happy to oblige and fucks Remy to one orgasm after another. Watch our first-timer's eyes roll back when he pounds her hard in doggy, arms held on her back and everything. It gets really intense, sweat is everywhere and the hotel room smells like sex. Cowgirl, doggy, missionary, sideshow and all the other positions are intermixed with more dick sucking because Remy just loves to feel Jovan's big black cock in her mouth. Our lovely cutie cums one more time right before Jovan unloads a massive load of cum inside her pussy. Apparently she's not too upset about that because she laments that her ex boyfriend never came inside her. Well, Remy, we are happy to take that burden. It's a lot of cum though and being the clean guys the boys are, they make her eat the creampie straight from her pussy. Jovan must have been downing protein shakes like a maniac because our girl is just filled with his semen. She squirts out what she can, but Troy is sure there's more in her womb so he has her stand up and squirt out another big load of cum straight from her insides on to the pillow. Which he makes her eat up. Thinking that's the end of it, Remy continues scooping up leftover jizz from her ass and pussy and keeps devouring that, too. What a filthy girl, and it's all available to you right now in glorious 1080p full HD! We loved Remy's enthusiasm and ability to cum with that BBC in her, and we wish our newbie the very best in her porn career. We just recommend that going forward she'll ask for a photo of the male talent before a shoot.


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